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The Parrot Rolling Spider is a stable, small, as well as simple-to-fly quadcopter that is ideal for all expertise levels. Much like its relative, the Parrot Bebop drone, and the Parrot Jumping Sumo, you are able to fly the quadcopter using a mobile gadget (tablet or smartphone).


The Parrot Rolling Spider is a stable, small, as well as simple-to-fly quadcopter that is ideal for all expertise levels. Much like its relative, the Parrot Bebop drone, and the Parrot Jumping Sumo, you are able to fly the quadcopter using a mobile gadget (tablet or smartphone). It is a great indoor flyer, however, because of its lightweight, must be flown outdoor only when climate conditions are ideal. Along with the drone’s distinctive and expensive propeller guard, it ought to remain secured even in harder collisions. In this comprehensive Parrot Rolling Spider review, we are going to explain the advantages…

Parrot Rolling Spider Overview

Flight Time

One Touch Quadcopter

When individuals think about the Parrot Spider drone, they instantly think about the large wheel-shaped propeller guards which enclose the quadcopter. However, the fact is that this has far more to provide. This smartphone-handled RC drone provides very good balance for a much smaller version. Parrot's FreeFlight Three application enables you to handle the drone while considering essential flight diagnostics such as throttle position, battery life, etc. In general, it is an ideal beginner quadcopter for less than $100 on the market. Take a look at the entire Parrot Rolling Spider review for more information.

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It is a great indoor flyer, however, because of its lightweight, must be flown outdoor only when climate conditions are ideal. Along with the drone’s distinctive and expensive propeller guard, it ought to remain secured even in harder collisions.

In this comprehensive Parrot Rolling Spider review, we are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages to having this Parrot Spider drone and the Parrot Rolling Spider update.

Introduction To The Parrot Rolling Spider Review

Before we carry on, we need to make a couple of things clear: The term “Rolling” signifies it is not a normal mini quadcopter for grown ups because it both rolls and flies, it is more similar to an RC toy.

If you are searching for an ordinary two-stick radio-controlled quadcopter, the Parrot Rolling Spider drone is not your smartest choice. It is an application-controlled mini quadcopter, controlled via tablet or smartphone (Android, iPhone, or Windows).

Nevertheless, in case, you are searching for a fun as well as best quadcopter for your child which has entry to tablet or smartphone, keep reading the Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider review.


Prior to heading off in this particular Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider review, let us briefly discuss what comes together in the package.

Even though you will not get extra props or Parrot Rolling Spider battery fix, you do receive the following Parrot Rolling Spider parts: a 550mAh 3.7V battery, a USB model charging cord, Parrot Rolling Spider manual, as well as obviously, the controller (transmitter).

While we are not pleased about the point that it does not come along with spare propellers, at least they are relatively less expensive on Amazon marketplace.

Build & Design

parrot-minidrone-rolling-spider-product-photosInside the MiniDrone Rolling Spider, you will find a vertical digital camera, gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer, pressure sensor and an ultrasonic sensor (ultra-advanced innovation) all cooperating to help make the trip very stable and smooth. As well as let us not neglect to discuss the drone’s tires in this particular Parrot Rolling Spider review.

The “Rolling” component of the title is due to the fact wheels connected to the surface of the quadcopter. You are able to drive it close to, across the ceiling or upward a wall.

It has a couple of eyes formed LED lights in front. You’ll receive stickers (fangs or shark teeth) in case, you wish to provide an even hot look. The LED light will illuminate as you take-off, as well as the right side, LED shine when the Parrot Rolling Spider battery is becoming empty. While you charge the drone, the lights could turn to red-colored.

When flying outdoor, you are able to take away the wheels, however, as you pilot it inside, it is essential to put in on because they provide the propellers the correct protection.

In case, the wheels or the propeller become damaged, you could purchase a four substitute propellers for close to $7, wheels and replacement axis for four dollars.

As you could notice from the image (right side), the wheels connect to the above of the quadcopter, entirely surrounding the propellers and body. This serves a couple of purposes: it safeguards the quadcopter and enables it to pilot up ceilings and walls.

Keep in your mind that, like with all of the propeller guards, the drone wheels within the Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone do contribute weight for the quadcopter. Because of this, you will often experience reduced flight duration with them. Nevertheless, in case you are a newbie and yet learning, we could highly suggest keeping these on!

Setup and Controller

AR Drone ReviewThe Parrot drone Rolling Spider, such as the bigger AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot brand, is controlled along with the Parrot Rolling Spider app on Android, iOS or even Windows smart tablet or perhaps the smartphone, through Bluetooth four point zero.

As our team evaluated it, the assembly is straightforward, or nearly instant. Here is exactly how it goes: Download the official “FreeFlight Three” app on your gadget, permit the Bluetooth in your gadget, switch on the Parrot Rolling Spider, as well as it can link to your gadget instantly.

Once you start the controller application, you are prepared to fly! Once you click the take-off trigger, the props will begin, and also the Parrot Spider drone will take flight as well as start flying.

Unlike some other mini drones, one point we noticed excellent concerning the Parrot drone Spider is exactly how it functions right away from the package. No practice or trim adjustment, it will simply fly in direction.

However, that is not everything it could do, in standard mode, you are able to lower and raise the quadcopter and rotate it left or right. In case, you would like it to go backward, forward, left or right, you simply push down in the right side joystick while you move your unit the path you would like the quadcopter to fly. In case, it begins to hover somewhere, it should not, let go of your thumb from the actual right joystick, therefore, it will begin flying again.

You will discover more details regarding the unique pre-programmed stunts and tricks in the “Rolling and Flying” Parrot Rolling Spider review section.

In this section of the comprehensive Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider review, we also wish to point out that the application offers an “Emergency” option that, when activated, will get ready an instant emergency landing of the Parrot Spider drone. This is helpful for when you are about to collide, or when you are losing signal of the quadcopter drone.

Lastly, the application provides you along with essential diagnostics regarding your flight, such as the life of the battery, which is definitely the most essential. Let us move ahead within this Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider review in order to tell you what it is like to pilot the drone.

Parrot Rolling Spider Camera

It does not come along with an expert aerial photography digital camera. It arrives together with a low-resolution 0.3 megapixels built-in vertical camera (especially for increased rates of speed, as well as, so, can just capture images straight down. In order to take pictures, press the “image” icon within piloting display.

The Parrot MiniDrones Rolling Spider saves the images in an integrated memory which could hold up in order hundreds of pictures. You are able to transfer the photos from the built-in memory towards the FreeFlight Three application the pilots tablet or phone.

Nevertheless, as we suggest the Parrot Rolling Spider like an RC toy for children, the cam is adequate enough to provide happiness, fun, as well as an excellent expertise for your kid.

Child-friendly Functions

spiderhandWhen hovering in pilot option with the assistance of three-axis accelerometer as well as three-axis gyroscope, Parrot Rolling Spider drone makes up all the Environmental Circumstances that enables the user to focus simply on the piloting.

As stated before, once you let go the remote controller, the quadcopter will fly in mid-air rather than fly away or land.

This function makes this Parrot Spider drone very ideal for kids who simply want to pilot the machine for happiness.

Flight Period

This Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone provides eight minutes of flight duration, or perhaps six minutes along with wheels if completely charged.

Once the battery used up, you should charge it fully for about 60 to 90 minutes in order to have it completely charged once again that is fair charging duration compared to some other mini drones out there. In case, you do not like to wait around, you include the choice to purchase an additional battery.

Rolling and Flying

We noticed it is fun to pilot as well as play together with the well-liked Parrot Rolling Spider machine. We executed the drone to do 360-degree backflips and flips while flying, barrel rolls and rolls, allowing it slide up the ceilings or walls was not less enjoyable.

In case, you wish it to pilot without the tires (particularly for outside flight), getting rid of the tires is very simple, however, it’s suggested to put the tires on for inside flying to safeguard the accidents.

Along with a communication distance of around 20 meters through the transmitter, piloting it outdoor without the tires could be very much exciting as inside flight. When piloting outdoor, just ensure you do not let the quadcopter fly in 20-meter altitude when the Parrot Rolling Spider battery is near to used up.


As stated, the Parrot drone Rolling Spider arrives along with wheel-form propeller guards that help safeguards the drone’s internal components and propellers. However, they also provide another function: they allow the pilot to pilot up ceilings and walls!

It is an excellent function that you will not discover in any different newbie quadcopter less than 100 dollars. Be advised within this comprehensive Parrot Rolling Spider review which the propeller guards do contribute weight for the quadcopter, minimizing flight duration slightly.

We have not carried out any official tests in order to observe precisely how much duration you waste, however, our guessing which it cannot be more than a couple of minutes. Rolling upward walls is pretty basic: simply go to the wall structure you wish to climb on, pitch the quadcopter forward, as well as raise your throttle in order to move upwards.

It is all user-friendly and also is the small thing you ought to simply become familiar to once you are behind the user controls. Prior to moving forward within this particular assessment, take a look at the fast flight evaluation of the drone to obtain a better perspective of how exactly it take flight:


  • Durable construction
  • Effective hardware
  • Prop guards, Ideal for newbies.
  • Simple to fly and control
  • Very balanced flight
  • Could be customized along with stickers, youngsters will like it


  • Eight minutes of flight duration (battery duration)
  • Could just be charged through computer
  • The Parrot Rolling Spider camera is somewhat pixelated, however, fun for children

Parrot Rolling Spider : Conclusion

There are affordable beginner drones out there these days (such as the Syma X5C or Hubsan X4 series H107C), however, they do not provide the coverage that the MiniDrone Rolling Spider model is capable of. For the majority of the part, the drone is simple to fly and control.

As a result of its numerous sensors, it’ll stay steady while in mid-air, however, you ought to still be cautious about piloting in the breeze.

Before winding up this comprehensive Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider review, do not forget that the quadcopter’s battery requires about 1 hour 30 minutes to fully charge, that is a possible problem. You can also find no spare props in the package, that is another possible drawback.

Luckily, the drone’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages, as well as should give you along with endless fun. With that said, we conclude this Parrot Rolling Spider review. Click the button below to find out the best Parrot Rolling Spider price on Amazon online.

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