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This post is able to offer you with the Parrot Bebop review. Our Parrot Bebop drone review of the Bebop Parrot drone will support to not just teach you on how much drone systems has come to this point, however additionally what you could achieve with this to come up with much better life. The Parrot drone Bebop is one of the best remote control drone with camera.


The Bebop Parrot by Parrot, a France-based manufacturer, is without a doubt the most popular quadcopters out there at this time with the unique Parrot Bebop Sky controller. Not just, the quadcopter has an inexpensive sale price, yet this is fully-featured, detailed also it has an user-friendly screen too, especially when backed up with the possible Parrot Bebop drone Sky controller.

This post is able to offer you with the Parrot Bebop review. Our Parrot Bebop drone review of the Bebop Parrot drone will support to not just teach you on how much drone systems has come to this point, however additionally what you could achieve with this to come up with much better life. The Parrot drone Bebop is one of the best remote control drone with camera. The Bebop Parrot by Parrot, a France-based manufacturer, is without a doubt the most popular quadcopters out there at this time with the unique Parrot Bebop Sky controller. Not just, the quadcopter…

Parrot BeBop Drone Full HIGH DEFINITION 1080p Fish-eye Camera Quadcopter Overview

Flight Time


The Parrot Bebop Drone & Sky Controller is one of the top remote control drone with camera. It is an ideal long-term deal for people who need to move their flight experience a step further. Consist of an outstanding picture quality as well as a complete intuitive app which is free of cost, this quadcopter will without doubt change how we notice UAV drones. Read the Parrot Bebop review!

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Read our complete reviews for Parrot Bebop Drone to discover the Parrot Drone best price. This Parrot Bebop review may also help to compare the Parrot AR vs Bebop models.

With the built-in unique 14-megapixel video camera, this Parrot Bebop drone for sale is Wi-Fi dependent and this could take top-quality, sharp 1080p aerial footages thanks to the cutting-edge technology.

With that said, this Bebop drone review will highlight the most known functions and features of the quadcopter and on its advantages and disadvantages. The current Parrot Bebop drone price is less than $500 at the time writing this Parrot Bebop drone review.

Besides the sophisticated camera which is built in the unit, the Parrot drone Bebop is relatively lightweight and compact – the three-axis movement sensor with the 180° fisheye camera lens turn this unmanned aerial vehicle ideal option for expert videographers and photographers who need to bring their occupation one stage further with the aerial photography. We nevertheless choose the DJI Phantom models, however for the investment, the Bebop Parrot drone is an ideal choice.

The Parrot Bebop release date on Amazon was December four, 2014 so the Bebop Drone price has been reduced over time. However, it is recommended to check the current price from the links linked in this Bebop drone review.

As pointed out, the Parrot drone Bebop has an optional Parrot Bebop Sky controller: it is simple to switch the quadcopter on as well as run it from the Android smart tablet or phone or iOS, as the quadcopter has an user-oriented and versatile application known as the Free Flight.

The app is simple and this gives you total balance over the footage resolution: it is simple to alter the image resolution depending on the needs and wants, since the Bebop Parrot drone can capture in high image resolution option. The quadcopter has a couple of antennas which run on two various Parrot Bebop range frequencies: 5GHz and 2.4 GHz.

Parrot Drone Bebop Overview

In below Parrot Bebop reviews, we will highlight the main features, therefore you could find out what exactly you will be receiving as well as the way to use it from the easiest way probable!

Let us discuss the comprehensive and detailed Parrot Bebop review in these sections. The price of the Bebop Parrot drone is affordable. You may anticipate paying a couple of thousand for systems such as this, however, you will be shocked to find out that this Parrot Bebop cost is under 500 dollars. The Parrot AR Drone 3.0 release date is still unknown because this was in development stages for three years.

The reviews for Parrot Bebop Drone are a combination of bad and the good (based on Amazon customers), with the average review score three point four out of five stars. This is not a worst score, it is simply which the Bebop Parrot drone is inexpensive to buy, as well as thusly it is not built with a system that you find on DJI Phantom quadcopters. Most people like this quadcopter, this looks which a few customers experience minor Bebop Drone issues.

This Parrot Bebop review section discuss the optional Sky controller.The Parrot Bebop Sky controller is one of the main features of this drone, as this could effortlessly lengthen the Wi-Fi Parrot Bebop range as high as one point two miles.

As well, the user-friendly handle pad makes quadcopter flying a piece of cake for beginners that have never ever controlled a quadcopter in the past. When the Wi-Fi Bebop Drone support is balanced, it is simple to share the videos or photos you have captured using quadcopter on Facebook, Youtube or perhaps different social network platform, because of the sophisticated Free Flight application as mentioned earlier.

These above mentioned are some of the main Parrot Bebop review points to consider. Read the below Bebop drone review section to know the benefits and drawbacks of the Parrot drone Bebop quadcopter.

The Parrot Drone Bebop Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Parrot
  • Description: Parrot Bebop Review
  • Model: Parrot Drone Bebop
  • Sizes: 400 grams (without hull); 420 grams (with hull)
  • Item Weight: three pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.4 x 13.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Product Model Number: PF722000
  • Battery: two pieces 1200 mAh high capacity LiPo batteries
  • Camera: 14 MP Full High Definition Camera
  • Flight Period: 11 minutes for each battery
  • Control Distance: As High As 200 meters
  • Flight Speed: 13 m/s
  • Motor type: four brushless outrunner powerful motors
  • Talent Level: Intermediate to professional pilots
  • Assembly Method: Ready-To-Fly
  • Batteries: one Lithium ion battery needed (a couple of batteries included)


  • Excellent video camera, with the extensive angle fish-eye camera lens.
  • Cool and unique design.
  • Simple to fly First-Person-View (FPV) through the video camera.
  • Global Positioning System stabilization and auto home feature. This is an important feature in the Parrot Bebop review.
  • Light weight, small, durable, and available in a couple of colors (red and blue).
  • The optional Parrot Bebop drone sky controller is outstanding and relative cheap price.
  • This quadcopter can fly indoors using either the Freeflight three application (that runs on Android, iOS, as well as Windows mobile phones) or the optional Sky controller transmitter.
  • The user-interface can guide the quadcopter’s landing and takeoff, changing Parrot Bebop battery a simple work for customers.
  • This top remote control drone with camera comes with HDMI feature to display the live feed using the First-Person-View headset.
  • Built-in GPS receiver in the quadcopter which supports to quickly change to the auto-pilot function, with a push of a button.


  • Software and firmware Bebop Drone issues may occur therefore be prepared to apply the new updates.
  • Can drift two to three feet if not calibrated (wants regular calibration). This is a small problem to realize in the Parrot Bebop review.
  • The footage quality is awesome, however not quite as excellent as the manufacturer indicates and Parrot Bebop price is a main reason.
  • Even though the hardware is outstanding, the software of the quadcopter could be glitchy some time making the drone fly or collide unexpectedly.
  • The Parrot Bebop battery is 1200mAh Li-Po, the average flight time is around ten to 12 minutes that is short for a quadcopter at this cost and designed for professional aerial photograpy.


  • Quad Core Graphics processing unit, Dual Core Central processing unit, and eight GB of built-in flash memory – The Parrot drone Bebop quadcopter offers fast handling power as well as does not skimp. The eight GB of flash storage memory is sufficient to capture several hours of footage, as well as CPU and GPU, are quick even under work stress. It is one of the unique features in this Parrot Bebop drone review.
  • Aerial WiFi Hotspot Connection – With the built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 network technology, the Parrot drone Bebop can use both 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz frequency channels via the two different antennas. You can change among those with all interference you encounter.
  • 1080P HD Footage – With the patented three-axis stabilization function, this quadcopter will not create loose video or shake, also in large wind turbulence conditions. Footage shoots out well, distortion free, and stable. This is a promising feature to know from this Parrot Bebop review.
  • 14 MP “Fisheye” Video Camera With Adjustable Camera Lens – With the complete adjustable, Radio control, 180° field of angle, you could pan right or left to aim at particular objects or places. The 14 MP camera is the best and creates footage images with the spectacular quality and visual clarity.
  • Integrated GPS Method With Flight Map Routes – This quadcopter could fly based on pre-programmed paths using the guidance of the Flight Map function. The GPS system is accurate like a bullseye, as well as offers you the correct place of the quadcopter at any time.
  • Freeflight Three Piloting Application For Android and iOS Phones – Despite the fact you handle the Parrot Bebop drone for sale with optional Sky controller, however with the offered Free Flight three drone application, you could use the smart phone to manage this in flight as well. This is a unique feature to understand from this Parrot Bebop review.
  • Special Parrot Brand Cloud Access – The Parrot manufacturer supports you to share and upload photos and videos captured using the quadcopter with family, friends, as well as somebody else who is a participant of the Parrot cloud. There is more than 150,000 participants of the Parrot cloud and increasing, and viewing all of the incredible videos and images Bebop Parrot drone owners have captured is definitely stunning!

Parrot Drone Bebop Conclusion

In the Parrot Bebop drone review most of us have find the functions of the quadcopter is able to securely claim that this is an excellent drone and is entitled to consider. Anyways, thanks for reading our Parrot Bebop review.

7.5 Total Score
Parrot BeBop 14MP Fisheye Camera Quadcopter

Integrated GPS function for auto return home as well as high height flight management. Heavy duty systems mixed to lightweight style and design. 14 MP Complete High definition 1080p "fish-eye" Video camera and exceptional three-axes picture stabilization.

User Rating: 4.85 (1 votes)

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