DJI Phantom 3 vs 3DR Solo – Solo vs Phantom 3 Guide

3DR Solo vs Phantom 3 – This calendar month has been very thrilling for those drone fanatics with recent drone press releases coming from a couple of main manufacturers, as well as here we will compare and contrast the DJI Phantom 3 vs 3DR Solo. DJI vs 3DR is unquestionably the frontrunners, in terms of drones are involved and each of them recently unveiled specs of their future drones.


Lots of quadcopters have been striking the marketplace, as well as more is going to be coming in quickly, however, no other items have been creating more sound than the newest birds from 3DR and DJI.

DJI launched the DJI Phantom 3, recognized as the most powerful, most intelligent, and most obtainable drone up to now. It is accessible in a couple of versions: advanced and professional.

3DR, at the same time, released information about its 3DR Solo drone, called the world’s initial “intelligent drone”. Based on their statement, “3DR Solo is going to be accessible in more than 2,000+ retail places globally from May month in the United States, as well as in June and also July month worldwide” where it can become “accessible in 3D Robotics approved premium retailers all over the globe.” Their website allowing direct orders.

3DR Solo vs Phantom 3 Overview

In brief, the DJI Phantom 3 is accessible in a couple of different versions; the professional version and the advanced version. The DJI Phantom three advanced version captures in 1080p high-definition, while the DJI Phantom three professional model has an excellent 4k video camera along with high-definition footage streaming as well as a big variety of sensors. The two DJI Phantom 3 models have a 12 MP camera.

On the flip side, the 3D Robotics Solo drone is the planet’s initial intelligent drone as well as comes with two of one GHz processors, high-definition footage streaming, complete GoPro addition, and pre-developed flight routes.

Both quadcopters have incredible features as well as can offer an excellent flying encounter for professional pilots and newbies. With each of those drones, it seems that the producers have started understanding their consumers better, particularly in terms of professional aerial videos and images are concerned. Check out the detailed 3DR Solo vs DJI Phantom 3 comparison underneath.

Specifications and Features Comparison

  • Phantom 3 vs 3DR Solo – 3D Robotics and DJI, both companies have started accepting orders, however, the quadcopters are not anticipated to be delivered before the following month. Because of this we will need to wait around for a whilst prior to we can evaluate flight experiences among both products, however, that does not mean we cannot compare and contrast what we know already, correct? What could we look ahead? Go through our Solo vs Phantom 3 comparison to find out more information.
  • Design – in terms of design is involved, the Phantom three has held on to its unique shape, whilst the 3D Robotics Solo appears totally unique from what 3DR has launched previously. DJI most likely has the greatest designed drone within the business as well as there is simply no reason behind these to alter it. The 3DR Solo drone is definitely an enhancement, in terms of design is involved, over the earlier 3D Robotics IRIS+.
  • Flight – The DJI Phantom 3 yet provides the standard twenty-three minutes of continuous flight duration. The Solo drone has handled to increase its time period to 20 minutes, even together with the video camera. Each battery methods monitor the battery constantly and allow users understand when charging is going to be needed. As said before, we will not know a lot regarding the flight qualities of those drones till they are launched. Although it is only reasonable to state that this Phantom three likely to be much better at minimal ground hovering, due to its optical flow sensor. As far as the range, the Solo drone could reach a range of one-half a mile, whilst the Phantom three could fly a whole range.
  • Transmitter – 3D Robotics has made large steps in terms of user-friendly transmitters are involved, as well as while both transmitters contain a fantastic style, it’s the 3DR Solo’s remote controller which is much more operational. Both remote controllers come along with mobile device holders too, however, it’s the integrated PC of the Solo’s transmitter that actually grabs the headline. You could even utilize this for streaming straight to external monitors via its HDMI slot.
  • Camera and Gimbal – The Phantom three integrated gimbal is exact to the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus along with some inconspicuous enhancements. With the DJI Inspire’s video camera (agree, the latest 4k Phantom three camera is similar to Inspire’s model) the professional edition is able of recording premium-quality footage without ‘fisheye influence’ as well as with correct stabilization.

3DR Solo vs Phantom 3: What Model Should I Purchase?

3D Robotics Solo vs Phantom 3 – Generally, the DJI Phantom 3 appears more encouraging compared to Solo ‘intelligent’ drone because of its cost, integrated camera and gimbal, far better hover precision, longer distance. It is an ideal selection for a quad copter person or a newbie, who prefers to record footage more than handle a drone.

However, in case you’re already a proprietor of GoPro Hero four, as well as you, wish to have much less restrictions in improving your drone, you would far better go ahead and take the 3D Robotics Solo drone. I wish, after some month it’ll demonstrate its true potential. Post your likes and dislikes about our 3DR Solo vs Phantom 3 comparison underneath.

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