3DR Solo Drone Review

The 3DR Solo drone review is in, fact, here to assist us start our quest into a fresh period of aerial trip drones. Right now is the period that drone companies are starting to focus on incorporating more sophisticated system into drones overall, as well as before long, we will be witnessing a lot more drones including identical (and even extra) advanced abilities to these in the 3DR Solo quadcopter through 3D Robotics.


For instance, the majority of quadcopters in the industry are made from just a few fundamental components. The motors/propellers, a GoPro camera, a gimbal, a transmitter, in-flight balance system, flight security system (for example Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope), plastic layer housing, as well as application compatibility along with Andriod/iOS smartphones.

The 3DR Solo drone is slightly different compared to these earlier fundamental quadcopters, as well as, therefore, you possibly have queries about exactly how it sets by itself apart. Underneath, we are going to evaluate the functions of the 3DR Solo drone black, step by step, therefore, you can observe just what it provides.

The new features and technology the 3DR Solo consists of, in contrast to what much more fundamental quadcopters contain, will become obvious when you finish looking over this particular 3DR Solo review.

Detailed 3DR Solo Overview

Powerful, Smart Controller
3DR Solo is the entire world’s initial drone quadcopter to wirelessly offer high-definition footage out of your GoPro Hero 4 to your Andriod mobile gadget or iOS, at ranges up to one-half mile aside.

Solo’s remote controller comes with an High-Definition Multimedia Interface output for real-time high-definition broadcast – to First Person View googles, premium quality area monitors, Pixhawk 2, Jumbotrons during live sports occasions, even information vans – as well as with a surprisingly reduced footage latency your real-time footage is fluid and immediate for an “within the moment” experience.


For example social media posting of your footages, you could also record the real-time footage stream straight from the 3DR Solo application to your gadget’s camera roll. As well as this is simply the start; check out underneath to find all the 3DR Solo flight simulator features.

Intuitive 3DR Solo App

3dr-new-solo-appLike the majority of drones, the 3DR Solo for sale operates on an application for either iOS or Andriod. The difference, but, becomes apparent when you discuss what you could do along with the application.

Apart from accurate control buttons, 3D Robotics states apps permit the pilot to manage the camera as well as adjust the distance, speed, and height of the 3DR Solo drone. The application gets automatic improvements without needing to make use of USB wires. Also, it can shoot clips directly to your mobile gadget.

Where it really becomes remarkable, but, is the various shooting settings of the 3DR Solo quadcopter. This is one thing you may change using the application. In case this function goes perfectly, customers would agree this as among the positive strengths of the 3DR Solo.

3DR Solo Gimbal
3DR Solo GimbalThis $1000 drone does not ship along with a video camera. You are able to, however, purchase it along with a three-axis gimbal unit for an additional 400 dollars.

The gimbal guarantees accurate design and stability for GoPro action cameras. 3DR Solo specs guarantees that this gimbal is actually also intelligent, as it operates well along with the remote controller.

Particular modes permit the gimbal for autonomously capturing video clips and shots.

Several Shooting Modes

3DR Solo ScreenshotsSolo’s cleverness unlocks powerful as well as a unique computer-guided intelligent shots (patent-awaiting). Just arrange the precise shot you need live, then click “play” upon the application and 3DR Solo drone will carry out it along with a degree of accuracy as well as a gentle effect that actually experienced cinema pilots cannot match.

As well as with an array of intelligent shots to select from, the best caption is usually just a couple of taps away.

Orbit and Cable cam permit you to produce a well-known and secure flight path together with a virtual course in space, liberating you to change your concentration to obtaining the picture you would like; or simply click “play” as well as allow Solo drone fly by itself while concurrently operating the video camera for you especially, like gentle and also even as a professional cameraman.

Follow flight mode permits you go fully hands-free, whilst 3DR Solo lines up along with your each and every move. It also has a single-click aerial Selfie especially for a customizable and dramatic establishing intelligent shot of yourself and also your environment. It is all in support of Solo’s directing theory: Obtain the shot. All the time.

Product Benefits and Features

  • Dual One GHz Linux PC’s – The 3DR drone comes along with multiple Linux PC’s: One within the transmitter, as well as one inside the Solo quadcopter itself. The advantage of dual Central Processing Units, rather than only one, is which all functions and commands are processed very fast, as well as there is never any lag or bog down.
  • LED Lumination System – Having the ability to make use of your drone during the night enables you to achieve more with the unique 3DR Solo drone. It informs you which path it is pointing always. You may also think about attaching a flashlight onto the Solo drone, therefore, you can execute night time quests as well.
  • 3DR Solo Battery – The battery is definitely good in terms of volume goes, as well as the 3DR drone makes effective utilization of it, credit to the PC controlled flight technology. You receive 3DR Solo flight time of around 25 minutes along with the 3DR Solo drone when it does not have a video camera mounted, as well as nearly 20 minutes along with a gimbal and camera mounted. The 3DR Solo battery within the remote controller is actually 2600 mAh, as well as lasts for around four hours.
  • Item Bay – You are able to store lots of accessories in the item bay, like custom/swappable parts, spare batteries, and much more. The item bay causes it to be effortless to store all of the accessories you require.
  • Intelligent Battery Along With LED Signal Indicator – Keeping an eye on how much life of the battery left upon the 3DR Solo quadcopter is simple using the built-in LED indicator system.

The Bottom Line

Considering the 3DR Solo specs and features highlighted in the 3DR drone review on just above, we could conclude this intelligent drone is seriously worth buying.

3DR Solo buy: When comparing the 3D Robotics Solo to some other drone quadcopters, you easily observe that it is certainly cleverer, a much more capable and advanced. Therefore, when other drones in the industry cost almost a similar amount (about 1000 dollars), in that case, why on universe could you select to settle with the much lesser quality quadcopter? On the other hand, you must always carry out your 3DR Solo review to realize the functions you especially require, as well as keep your choices open.

We’ll be posting more information and news regarding the 3D Robotics Solo quadcopter. Thanks for going through our comprehensive 3DR Solo review as well as post your comment in case you possess any input or questions regarding this intelligent drone in case you already have one.

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